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CARICOM and African Union lauded for decision to hold a Joint 2020 Summit


Trinidad & Tobago. August 12, 2019.  The Caribbean Regional Coordinating Committee of the Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) takes this opportunity, as we approach the anniversary of the birth of the Rt. Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Africa’s first provisional president, to applaud our CARICOM and African Union Heads of State in their decision to hold a joint Summit in 2020.

As a grassroots movement committed to the establishment of the United African States as a Pan African Federation in a generation or less, the Pan African Federalist Movement recognizes and supports the diplomatic presence of Barbados and Suriname in the form of a joint embassy in Ghana.  We salute Hon. Mia Mottley, respected Prime Minister of Barbados, for also partnering with St. Lucia to establish a joint embassy in Kenya, inviting other CARICOM partners to join this Pan African Initiative and welcome reciprocal diplomatic gestures from the governments of Presidents Addo and Kenyatta by establishing Ghanaian and Kenyan Embassies in the Caribbean.

According to the Jamaica Observer newspaper (August 6, 2019) Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the recent appointment of Kenya's first high commissioner to Jamaica reflects the growing relationship between Jamaica and Kenya, and demonstrates Kenyatta's personal commitment to the Jamaica-Kenya partnership and developing closer ties with the Caribbean community. Discussions are underway to begin flights flying from the East Coast to the West Coast of Africa and directly to Jamaica, and through Jamaica to the rest of the Caribbean. President Kenyatta challenged Jamaica to take advantage of Kenya’s strategic geographic and economic position in Eastern Africa to benefit the people of the two nations. The two leaders will meet again when Holness visits Kenya for the upcoming ACP meeting.

In an era of heightened geopolitical tensions, where the scramble for Africa, with the decimation of Africans at home and abroad, is clearly on the agenda of contending non-African powers, that the present diplomatic strengthening and deepening of academic, research and trade ties at the level of CARICOM and the African Union must be encouraged and complimented by grassroots initiatives such as the Assembly of Caribbean People, the Pan African Grand Market and Festival (Belize), and the Pan African Federalist Movement.

Felipe Noguera
Caribbean Regional Coordinating Committee, PAFM
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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