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Golden Tongue Award - Poetry Competition/Challenge


Golden Tongue Awards 2020 - Poetry Competition/Challenge - Calling All Aspiring Poets

Poetry in Motion 2020 is pleased to announce the highly anticipated annual PiM - Golden Tongue Awards 2020 - Poetry Challenge/Competition which opens today, Wednesday January 15th, and closes on Friday, January 31st, 2020. Kindly care and share with all aspiring poets and submit entry forms with poems as early as possible.

 Poetree For Charity With Clean Intelligent Fun For The Entire Family & Community

 Poetry in Motion, affectionately called PiM, is the most celebrated, longest running and most successful annual Poetry Festival in the colourful literary history of Jamaica and the Caribbean and is highly recognized internationally in the world of Poetry. Please see attached and below.

 We celebrate and promote the entire spectrum of the creative and performing Arts with Music, Dance, Comedy, Story Telling, Fashion and Poetry, providing Clean, Intelligent Fun for the Entire Family and Community. Additionally, we further exemplify social responsibility, nation building and transparency by supporting two charities, Friends in Need and Manchester Peace Coalition, and we present our charity cheques on stage, at Poetry in Motion.

 PiM 2020 Features: Professor Edward Baugh, Dr Leahcim Semaj, Dr Michael Abrahams,

Ka'Bu Ma'at Kheru, El Jones (Canada), Marjorie Whylie, Dr Ann-Marie Wilmot, Denise Brown, Mik and Yasus Afari as well as the Golden Tongue Awards 2020 winner, among others.

 Balance and Harmony - Art of Life

 Poetry in Motion now publishes our own Art of Life magazine, highlighting Poetry and The
 world of Art as we advocate and live the Art of Life, providing artistic light for Jamaica and   

 Thanks much for your support as we look forward to our sustained synergy and attendance at
 Poetry in Motion 2020.

 With Honour, Love and Prosperity,

 Yasus Afari - Founder-Director, PiM 2020 

 876 - 398 8616


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